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Arize Farm Botanicals

Grounded Liver Detox & Stress Support Tea

Grounded Liver Detox & Stress Support Tea

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Come back to balance, physically in your body and energetically (if you're into that!). These two roots are lovingly pried from the depth of the soil after frost has knocked both their upper tops back- so the energy of the plant is literally sent down into the root, just like tress do in the winter for conservation. It is then that the harvested roots can bring our livers, adrenals and digestive systems into a grounded place as well.

A sweet and earthy-tasting root blend of Burdock (Arcticum lappa) and Ashwaghanda (Withania somnifera).

Decoct 3 TBS. roots: 4 cups water by bringing to high simmer for 20-45 mins with lid.

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