Farming Practices

Our family is committed to growing and offering the highest quality medicine.

What does that mean?

It means we hold ourselves to organic standards and support local and small-scale suppliers. We believe that farmers can make positive impacts on climate change. We strive to utilize cover cropping and crop rotation to ensure we are feeding the soil that feeds us.

We live on and benefit from stolen land of the Ute people. We do our best to lean into this daily and keep in mind the historical trauma and white-supremecy that benefits bodies that look like ours and the cycle of land-theft. 

It means we consider the energetic impact from the seed in our palm to placing it in the soil.

As much as possible, we plant with the moon cycles and use the Biodynamic calendar for sowing.

Where we can, we opt to use less plastic and appreciate the value of "weeds" that mulch and shade the soil for the crops we grow. 

Basically, we want to grow medicinal medicine. We believe that the people who tend the earth and seedlings and do the harvesting have an impact on the end products in your family's hands and we want that to be a beneficial one.

Here are some of the companies we support:

HIgh Desert Seed

Beaver Lake Nursery and Landscaping

Soil Not Dirt

Strictly Medicinals

Fruition Seeds

High Mowing Seeds

God's Garden Girl

I Grow Shit


Plant Medicine Grown by Women With Respect and Intention